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Left-handed Clubs Frustrating PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Think it's hard to land a hole in one?  Try shopping for a great set of left-handed golf clubs.   

Ask any lefty golfer, and he or she will tell you that finding good clubs can be the most challenging part of the sport itself.  Visit an average sporting goods store (and even many specialty golf and pro shops) and you'll be hard pressed to find clubs specifically designed for left-handed golfers.  You'll likely find more clubs designed for kids than you will left-handed clubs.

The biggest reason for the shortage of proper left-handed golf clubs is a basic "supply and demand" situation.  According to statistics conducted in the, left-handed individuals make up merely from four to ten percent of the total population.  As a result, the demand for left- handed golf clubs is at best one-tenth the size of the demand for right-handed clubs.  Golf club manufacturers, therefore, have just one-tenth the incentive to construct and market left-handed golf clubs.

Another element contributing to the scarcity of left-handed golf clubs is the sheer expense of the machines that create them.  Golf club manufacturers need to invest a great deal of capital in order to purchase these machines, and are naturally reluctant to do so if they are expecting a relatively low return.  It's another basic marketing equation based on the statistics of the population.

So, in light of these facts, what are left-handed golfers expected to do?  You can't just turn the other cheek and golf right-handed.  Left-handed golfers can and should be persistent in finding the same great quality equipment that their right-handed counterparts enjoy.  Take the time to shop around, at conventional specialty stores, and online.  Excellent left-handed clubs do exist.  

Some manufacturers are beginning to realize that a niche market does exist, and there are now more left-handed clubs available for children and juniors. As the market expands, there is an increasingly equitable split between right- and left-handed golf clubs.  The trend should continue and, as these players grow older and develop their skills, we should be seeing more left-handed clubs for men and women.  

Left-handed golfers can rejoice in the fact that specialty equipment is available and increasingly attainable.  Once that initial hurdle has been cleared, they can start working on that elusive hole-in-one.
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