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The Right Rod PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Image Can anything beat a day of fishing? Just you, a calm lake or lazy river, and a few necessities are all it takes to create a perfect afternoon.

Whether you're fly fishing, deep-sea trolling or fishing the surf, it's imperative that you're using the right fishing rod. It's almost as if the fish can tell if you're using good quality or substandard equipment. Even in just a few feet of water, it's as if the fish are asking themselves, "Why would I bother getting reeled in on this piece of junk?"

The right rod has a serious impact on your angling skills. For instance, with fly fishing, a proper rod directly affects how well you cast. Using the wrong rod can leave you wide of your intended target, whereas a high quality fishing rod can put your bait precisely where you want to be.

The right rod, a high quality rod, is much dependable than a poorly made discount model. You may be able to pick up a cheap rod and save a few bucks, but you won't feel like you've saved anything if that rod falls apart at the wrong moment. Imagine being on a fishing trip with your buddies in Minnesota, angling in one of those beautiful one thousand lakes, when your discount rod snaps apart in your hands. The only fishing story you'll have to tell is the one that left your pals roaring with laughter.

Now you know that you need to find the right rod. You also need to know what to look for. Check that the make and composition of the rod are dependable and long lasting. The strongest and lightest models on the market today are crafted from graphite composition or other alloys. If there is cork on the rod, examine it very carefully. There should not be any tape or extra glue required to fit to blank. The guides or eyes along the rod should be made of durable metal, and may be coated in some sort of rust protectant.

Keep these qualities in mind while fishing for the right rod. Research thoroughly, shop around and put as much effort into finding the right fishing rod, as you would spend buying a new set of golf clubs.
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